Bringing bugs to work from your child's daycare can destroy productivity...

So, you need a service provider that understands how to keep germs under control.

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Cleaning for health is synonymous with indoor odor control...

We understand that the presence of an odor is a hint to the presence of bacteria.

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No matter what your work entails, like you, we are ready to serve.

A1 Cleaning Pros is a trusted contractor to numerous US Government Facilities.

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Why choose A1 Cleaning Pros?


With numerous certifications - like membership in the ISSA, and GBAC-Trained & Certified, we seek to deliver top-quality service on every site and to every customer.


A1 Cleaning Pros is bonded and insured if full compliance as a GSA Service Provider. We are also GSA Minority-Owned, a value to federal procurement specialists.


With each of our proposals for service, you will find a list of commercial references that may be contacted to validate our value proposition. Our business grows on referrals.


The ownership and leadership of A1 Cleaning Pros are seasoned veterans of the cleaning industry, some with 25+ of years of experience. We promote & reward continuing education.


Once the contracts are signed, and the schedule is set, you may rest assured that our staff will be on-site, and on-time - ready to deliver quality workmanship every day.


When you require extra services: hard floor restoration, carpet cleaning, disinfection & antimicrobial coating services, we deliver these services with only our own staff.

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